Attendance & Time Policy

Attendance & Time Policy

Attendance & Time Policy 150 150 M. Laraib


The purpose of this policy is to define the official working hours and the disciplinary actions taken in case of not abiding by the policy.


This policy applies to all SOFIT permanent, contractual, short-term staff.

Office Timing

Office hours of all SOFIT locations (Remote/on-site)are:

Monday to Friday10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Lunch/Prayer Break
(Monday to Thursday)
01:00 PM to 02:00 PM
(Friday)01:00 PM to 02:30 PM
* During Ramadan, the office timings shall be decided on an annual basis and will subject to change after the decision of HoD and other competent authorities*.

Biometric Rules

It is mandatory for all employees shall mark there registered finger impression for check-in and check-out accordingly.Process is punching-in your finger print upon entry and leaving.


Saturdays & SundaysGenerally considered to be Rest days
Saturday(Work from home policy will be applied on employees
only on rare circumstances)
Gazetted Holidays in PakistanAs announced by the Federal Government

Attendance and Late Coming

  • Any employee arriving after 10:30AM will be considered as late.
  • Only three (3) late arrivals per month are allowed i.e. 30 minutes grace time as per the shift timings accordingly.
  • Early departure shall be treated same as per arrivals and will be deducted from the monthly total balance allowed accordingly.
  • Arriving three (3) hours late considered to be (0.5) half day leave will be deducted from Casual or Annual leave balance or Leave Without Pay subsequently.
  • For Permanent Staff: Every fourth (4) late arrival considered to be one(1)leave will be deducted from Casual orAnnual leave balance subsequently.
  • Every sixth (6) late arrival considered to be one (1) leave deduction and accordingly a warning letter will be issued.
  • Every eight (8) late arrival considered to be two (2) leave deductions and accordingly a warning letter will be issued.
  • For Non-permanent Staff (Probation / Contractual): Every fourth (4) late arrival will be categorised as Leave Without Pay and subsequent deductions will be made from the monthly salary.
  • In case, employee has no leave balance available, then leave deduction will be categorised as Leave Without Pay and subsequent deductions will be made from the monthly salary.
  • Leaves against attendance shall not be deducted from the Sick leave balance.
  • A maximum number of three (3) warnings will be issued to an employee on which a disciplinary action will be taken against the employee accordingly.
  • Warning letters will be issued as per Annexure -A
  • Upon continuous improvement observed for a period of 60 Days (i.e. No leave deduction observed during 60 days) will result in reduction of one count of the disciplinary action e.g. Employee at Step-2 of disciplinary action will move to Step-1accordingly


StepsLeave Deduction PatternDisciplinary Steps
16th Late Arrival(1) Leave deduction + First Warning
28th Late Arrival(2) Leave deductions + Second Warning
310th Late ArrivalShow cause Notice

Unmarked Attendance

  • Attendance not marked under any circumstances shall be considered as an Absence from Job until and unless reported by the Reporting Line.
  • In case, the employee fails to update his/her attendance within five (5)working days, a subsequent leave will be deducted on the 6th day. Such leave deductions will not be reversed under any circumstances. Therefore please ensure to address such issues timely.
  • In case, the employee is on duty at a remote location, he/she should request via email to their Reporting Line/ HoD and copy to HR Manager for timely update their “on duty” status through ZK Time.
  • Employees facing problem while marking attendance should immediately contact HR or may email the issue on priority.

Un-authorized Absence

Absence from work under any circumstances other than mentioned in the leave policy without prior authorization may make the employee liable for disciplinary action and/or dismissal from employment. These leaves shall be deducted from the annual leave or treated as leave without pay upon sole discretion of competent authority.

Provision of LCI (Late Coming Information)

  • LCI will only be entertained under the following circumstances; upon the discretion of Reporting Line / HoD.
  • Employee has been engaged minimum four (4) hours extended to his/her official task after his/her actual shift timings.
  • In case of Outstation travel, Employee reaching destination later than 08:00 PM.
  • Employees engaged in an activity at client site for long time more than one (1) hour.
  • Respective reporting line will have to intimate HR Manager timely via email regarding any approved LCI, Failing which employee will be marked as Late or absent accordingly.
  • Employees should not approach HR directly for marking the LCIs. LCIs will only be accepted by HR if forwarded by the respective Team Lead / HoD.
  • Biometric check-out on late sitting day shall not be overlooked.

After Office hours

  • Employee must keep his/her Team Lead and HR Manager informed regarding any planned late sitting at office.
  • Female staff must keep HR department informed in case they are staying late in office.
  • Interns unless accompanied by their Team Leads are not allowed to stay in office premises after office hours.